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On the south western tip of the island of Java, where the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean and the equatorial waters of the Sunda Straits merge, is one of Indonesia's paramount national parks, Ujung Kulon. Rich in wildlife and forest, noted for its charm and diversity, it is the home of the highly endangered Javan rhinoceros and bestowed with the status of World Heritage Natural Site.

Ujung Kulon, which means West Point, possesses an exceptional profile of Indonesia's wilderness from forested mountain ranges to coral seas. What makes it even more remarkable is that the park remains a pristine haven of nature, on Java, one of the most densely populated islands on earth. The Park's 120,551 hectares are divided into 76,214 ha. of land and 44,337 ha. of surrounding reefs and sea. It can roughly be separated into three areas: the triangular shaped Ujung Kulon Peninsula, the Gunung Honje Range to the east of the peninsula's isthmus and the island of Panaitan to the North West. Ujung Kulon National Park is one of the last remaining natural forest on Java and one of very few areas offering a profile of sea-shore to mountain top tropical vegetation. The park holds well over 700 species of plant life of which at least 57 are classified as rare in Java, and perhaps the world. Ujung Kulon has a vast array of wildlife, quite a number of which are endangered or rare. Some of the animals are so unafraid that they freely wander in and around the tourist lodges, others are sighted almost everyday, many are heard rather than seen, and some are rarely seen. The park has a wide variety of marine habitats. The rocky shores, mangrove swamps, mud flats, sea grass beds, coral reefs and sea trenches, providing diverse and fascinating insights into the underwater world. The three entrance points for visitors to Ujung Kulon National park are Taman Jaya, Peucang Island and Handeuleum Island. Two less visited regions, Panaitan Island and Gunung Honje Range, can be reached from these poits or direct from Ujung Kulon Travel from Carita Beach who will make your vacation with a fascinating journey and experience and also will be unforgettable experience.


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